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ESTA provides its Members with a number of services and benefits which can make a real difference to their business:

Networking opportunities

ESTA provides networking opportunities for members to maximize their visibility and promote their companies across the European and international cash management industry. These are unique opportunities to establish and develop links with potential business partners.

EU Information
ESTA staff, with in-depth knowledge of the EU Institutions, provide the latest information on EU legislation in a clear and structured manner to help members understand and anticipate future legislation and act where necessary.

Influence EU legislation
ESTA attempts to influence the EU decision-making process at an early stage by promoting and protecting the industry through targeted lobbying activities. It has developed close working contacts with relevant EU officials and Members of the European Parliament and established alliances with other experts in European retailers’ and consumers’ associations to strengthen its actions.

Working Groups
ESTA has a number of Working Groups gathering ESTA member experts from the whole industry. Selected members are invited to participate and can have their representatives involved in more than one WG.

Annual Business Conference
ESTA’s business conference brings together representatives of the whole cash industry, as well as EU decision-makers, central bankers and other key stakeholders. This event is an opportunity for members to display their products and services and interact with industry leaders.

Increased company visibility
Members can submit industry-related news from their company, which will appear under “Events” on the ESTA website. This is an effective channel to promote company development and reach a wider audience in the cash industry. Submitted material is subject to approval by ESTA.

If you are interested in joining as a Member, please contact the ESTA office.

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