Working Groups

Working Groups facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. They bring together ESTA member experts from cash management companies to discuss the latest developments in their specific areas of interest.

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ESTA has three Working Groups which report to the Board. Meetings are usually held 2-3 times a year or as required by the political agenda.

The current Working Groups are:

  • Security & Risk Management: Responsible for editing the Annual Attack and Loss report with data declared by approx. 30 European countries. This information is only shared with Members. However, a report is provided each year during the ESTA annual conference;
  • Cash Group: The cash group reviews cash developments as they occur and look at regulatory issues of relevance to cash where they arise. It prepares positions papers and responses to public consultations which are submitted to the Board for agreement before being submitted;
  • Communications: It addresses issues of relevance to the external communication of ESTA.

ESTA also chairs the Cash Management Companies (ex CIT) working group of the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS).

Should you have any questions regarding the working groups, please contact Thierry Lebeaux, ESTA Secretary General.

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