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Working Groups

Working Groups facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. ESTA has a number of Working Groups gathering ESTA member experts from the whole industry. Selected members are invited to participate and can have their representatives involved in more than one WG.

Working Groups bring together ESTA member experts from cash management companies to discuss the latest developments in their specific areas of interest.


Policy monitoring

ESTA acts as the eyes and ears of Member in Brussels and monitors policy developments and regulatory initiatives of relevance to Members.

ESTA contributes as an interested party in the shaping of the EU decision-making process. The association does that by providing inputs at an early stage, by promoting and protecting the industry and liaising with the relevant EU Institutions.

It has developed close working contacts, based on two-ways communication channels, with relevant EU officials and Members of the European Parliament and established alliances with other experts in European retailers’ and consumers’ associations to strengthen its actions.

ESTA is registered in the EU transparency register of interests (the so called “EU lobbyist register”).


Business and Regulatory environment

The understanding of how initiatives emerge and decision take place at EU level is essential to the representation of ESTA’s interest in Brussels, and this is a key role of the association. There are a few proposals on ESTA’s radar screen, but none was as important to our industry as the revision of the 2011 Regulation on Cross Border CIT. This first revision of the Regulation has taken place to ESTA best interests, i.e. avoiding unnecessary changes to the existing rules.

Another key issue for ESTA is the issue of access to cash to make it available to consumers and citizens. No one else than citizens themselves can decide what payment instrument should be used in specific circumstances. Particularly, cash is the only way for anyone to withdraw deposits from the banking system: if cash is made less available, the freedom to withdraw deposits would be compromised.

ESTA’s role will be to ensure that its Members’ views are conveyed to the EU legislators and their interests protected.


Annual Business Conference

ESTA’s business conference brings together around 300 representatives of the whole cash industry, as well as EU decision-makers, central bankers and other key stakeholders. The Annual Conference is a unique experience to develop networks, listen to best practice being shared by members, discover new technologies and meet regulators and central bankers from many European Countries. With the level of its speakers and its audience, the ESTA conference is establishing itself as THE industry conference.

This event is also an opportunity for members who wish it to exhibit their products and services and interact with industry leaders. ESTA members may invite guests to attend this event. Priority booking for exhibitions spaces is reserved to Members at preferential prices.

Conference presentations held in previous years appear under “Events” on the website when logged in as a member user.


Member area

ESTA effective (working group) members are given access to the Members’ Area of the ESTA website (www.esta-cash.eu), where they can find studies, survey results as well as meeting documents. Members can participate in online discussions of different Technical Committees and projects. The Membership Directory on the website also contains information about the expertise of ESTA members


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