FromMay 19, 2019 UntilMay 21, 2019

ESTA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019 Vienna, Austria

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A bright future for cash – Save the date!

The 2019 year’s conference takes place at the Hotel InterContinental, Vienna, Austria from 19th to 21st May 2019.

One should not always believe what is said in the media: there is indeed “A bright future for cash“, as the theme of the 2019 ESTA conference will debate. The programme for the first day of the Conference is now almost complete and will be published very shortly.

The first Panel of the day: “Access to Cash – The Swedish lessons“ will look at the peculiar issue of the reduction of effective cash use in Sweden and will investigate whether consumers and citizens are deprived of cash, or whether they have chosen not to use it anymore. The conference will hear the drafters of the June 2018 “Access to Cash report” by the Committee of the Swedish Central Bank.  The report draws a critical picture of the cash cycle in Sweden and goes as far as suggesting that legislation is introduced to ensure a minimum cash service. That would make it the third country to legislate on cash access.

Other speakers will look at the case of Sweden going cashless and if cash has been phased out to a critical point of no return? Civil society will also express their concerns that in reality, Swedes have been forced out of cash.

The panel will also look at the lessons that other countries should draw from the Swedish situation, and particularly in the case of the UK which has conducted a public consultation on access to cash in the UK in the summer 2018.

The session will be moderated by Andrea Nitsche, Chair of the Global Cash Alliance Committee at the International Currency Association, ICA. Andrea’s moderation of the 2018 panel on cash payment limitation was widely acclaimed by the audience and ESTA is delighted that she has accepted to lead this discussion in Vienna.

The second Panel 2: “The war on Cash: black clouds or blue sky ahead?“ will access where the war on cash has taken us so far. The conference will hear a few world’s top academics on the war on cash is a positive development for society or whether we should be concerned with it: what are the implications of cash, or cash phase out for the poor in society?  Is cashless a challenge to democracy? Are there fundamental rights attached to the use of cash that citizens can claim to keep the ability to pay and store value in cash?

Two business leaders will share their experience of cash in their activities, in relation to payments and the use of crypto currencies. What are the implications, challenges and advantages of cash, or cash replacement in their businesses? New approaches, new angles, new point of views on cash and cashless will come out of this session for sure.

This panel will be moderated by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, consultant of Money Transfer Companies, IMTC.

The ESTA team is also preparing a panel that, we believe, has never been seen in any cash conference so far. Look for more information to follow on this page in due course.

The Vienna conference will be a one-and-a-half day’s event, with opportunity for networking with major players of Cash Management Companies and visiting the nearly 500m2 large exhibition area.

On-line registrations will start on this page in January.