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ESTA Conference 2014 – Athens, Greece, 1-3 June 2014

Sharing the best innovations in the marketplace to showcase what works for cash is the aim of this year’s ESTA conference.  We will see what works, how it works, and why. Our focus will be on new ways of working or products being offered by CIT companies. We will hear about point-of-sale solutions and the close cooperation between CITs and their suppliers. The sharpest security insights will be on display with presentations on our members’ original ways of combating attacks.

The location is the Divani Caravel Hotel (5 star), a short drive away from the Acropolis. The Athens conference will be one-and-a-half days only, with more time made available for networking and visiting the exhibition.

Registrations on our website are now open, but places are limited. The exhibition map with spaces available can be accessed from the Events page; places are allocated on a first in, first served basis. Book your hotel room early to benefit from ESTA’s negotiated rates. ESTA Event page


Jarl Dahlfors, CEO Loomis, President of ESTA

Succeeding Lars Blecko of Loomis, Jarl Dahlfors is now President of ESTA. We wish Lars all the best in his new post as Vice President and Regional President USA. We welcome Jarl and we look forward to working with him.


European Central Bank News

Cash in circulation (ECB)

This is the latest information published by the European Central Bank showing cash in circulation.

The total number of Euro banknotes in circulation at the end of Q2 of this year stood at 15,497 million, with a value of €911.0 billion, an increase of 1.98% in volume and an increase of 1.6% in value since Q1. Between Q2 and the end of Q3, there was another increase of 0.9% in volume and an increase of 0.8% in value.

In Q2 of this year the total number of Euro coins in circulation grew to 103,825 million, and their value increased to €23,821 million, an increase of 1.2% and 1% respectively since Q1. Comparing Q2 with Q3 there was an increase of 1% in volume and 0.68% in value.
Click on graph to access detailed info on low and high denomination banknotes and coins.

Source: European Central Bank


Payment Statistics for 2012 from the European Central Bank

The total number of non-cash payments in the EU increased by 4.2% to 94.5 billion in 2012 compared with the previous year. Card payments accounted for 42% of all transactions, while credit transfers accounted for 27% and direct debits were 24%.

Money 2020 Stirs Up Cashless Society Debate

Many presentations at Money 2020 focussed on schemes to eliminate cash. However, Jay Battachayra, formerly from Citibank, and now CEO of Zipmark, explained that the lesson learned over the last 40 years, is that technology will improve our transactions but it won’t replace paper money. Every speaker at this conference spoke about new payments with the reservation that cash is not going to disappear overnight.

EPoS Terminals Forecast to Grow

The number of Electronic Point of Sale terminals is forecast to rise worldwide by 21% by 2018. The strongest growth will be seen in the Asia-Pacific (China and Indonesia) and Eastern Europe (Russia).

Cash and Cheques Still Dominate US P2P Payments

Vendor Fiserv did a survey of 2500 Americans and found that cash is still the most popular method of person-to-person money transfer. 56% used cash and only 31% used online methods.

Increasing Demand for Cash is Boosting Global ATM Market

The number of ATMs across the world is forecast to grow by 44% between 2012 and 2018. ATMs are popular despite online and card payment options, as people still want to use cash. Global cash withdrawal volumes are predicted to increase by 65% between 2012 and 2018.
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